Internal Audit
Internal Audit conducts systemic audits of management, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and cost-effectiveness in FAPA organization units and in units co-operating with FAPA based on co-operation agreements.
Tasks conducted by Internal Audit include in particular:
-         Identification and analysis of risk areas at all subsequent stages of project implementation.
-         Evaluation of abilities and resources, both technical and organizational, necessary to implement particular tasks, including the evaluation of procedures, legal provisions and regulations.
-         Appraisal of effectiveness and correctness of implemented tasks, including in particular the degree of reaching operation goals (main and direct ones), taking wrong decisions - resulting from the use of fake, incomplete, unreliable and outdated information, wrong data records, failure to implement assumptions and plans, ineffective use of available resources, disappointment of beneficiaries, ill fame or harm to FAPA reputation.
-         Preparation of audit reports.