FAMMU information sources

Reports, analyses and publications prepared by FAMMU staff are created based on up-to-date information sources. By means of the REUTER’S service the team has direct access to quotations from the most important world commodity markets (Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, New York Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa Exchange, London Financial Futures and Options Exchange). Thanks to this giant information agency we have immediate and very reliable access to a great deal of information.

Internet provides FAMMU with new possibilities of a quick access to a broad range of information. This is one of the main and the quickest forms of getting information.

FAMMU cooperates with such organizations and institutions as Polish Agricultural Market Information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Agricultural Market Agency and Head of the Inspectorate for Purchasing and Processing of Agricultural Products (GISiPAR). We also exchange information with several commodity markets.

FAMMU has numerous international contacts. The team develops cooperation and exchanges information with similar institutions in other countries, e.g. in Slovakia (ATIS), Czech Republic (NTIS), Austria (AMA), Croatia (TISUP). Very satisfying cooperation has been flourishing with the German ZMP.