Foreign Agricultural Markets Monitoring Unit

Foreign Agricultural Markets Monitoring Unit (FAMMU) was established by virtue of a decision of FAPA Management Board (in agreement with the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development) in July 1995. FAMMU is one of the units of Foundation of Assistance Programmes for Agriculture.
The main task of FAMMU is to constantly monitor supply-demand changes as well as legal situation on major international agri-food commodity markets, with particular focus on the EU CMOs, in which Poland has been participating since May 1, 2004.

Reports are prepared systematically, depending on their type and need: weekly, quarterly and annually.

Current analyses of foreign agri-food trade (prepared quarterly and annually) along with information on changes in the access to agri-food markets of third countries should enable identification of periodically appearing so called export niches. Apart from the analysis of the most important commodities FAMMU also monitors the market of coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and water. Sample reports are available on this web site.

FAMMU also prepares special publications to take account of the needs of MARD and other recipients in cases of exceptional situations on agricultural markets.

The results of analyses, reports and forecasts are made available on a current basis to the interested recipients (in various form, depending on their needs). Information is published via all available technical means, most of all e-mail. A subscription form is available on FAMMU web site.

FAMMU actively participates in events organized in Poland and abroad: symposiums, seminars, training and conferences as well as in fairs and exhibitions of agri-food products.

FAMMU cooperates with numerous organizations and institutions dealing with agricultural markets or interested in a situation on these markets. They include government institutions, such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Agricultural Market Agency, Agency of Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA), National Bank of Poland and academic centers. Cooperation involving information exchange also includes wholesale markets and commodity markets.

FAMMU activities facilitate the access to objective market information especially to small and medium enterprises, which cannot afford collecting information in a broad range or conducting own market research. In the longer term this FAMMU activity will lead to the increase of transparency of trade and decrease of the costs of market operations.