Component B3 - Institution building
in local and regional administration

Assumptions and tasks
      The component covers the built-up of institutional capacity of the local and regional administration through the finance of two projects that is the Institution Building Programme and the Training Programme.
The Institutional Development Pilot Programme is implemented in the regional and local administration units in the following powiats: łomżyński (podlaskie voivodships), my¶lenicki (małopolskie voivodship) and gryfiński (zachodniopomorskie. voivodship).
The Institutional Development Programme is expected to materially contribute to modernisation of the internal organisation and an improved performance of the local and regional administration through:
- Refining the planning and strategic management skills of self-government, including project management;
- Implementation of the modern human resources management in the public administration;
- Improvement of the public service quality through development of adequate standards, cost assessment and performance betterment;
- Refining organisation structures and public administration procedures in terms of strategic objectives;
- Development of a modern system of communications with the inhabitants, social organisations and the business sector; and
- Identification and removal of the legal hindrances hampering operation of self-government.

Particular attention will be paid to co-operation of various public administration units, namely:
- At the voivodship level, between the Voivod and the Marszałek (and their respective offices);
- Co-operation of peer units in powiats, gminas and voivodships in order to jointly generate economy of scale effects; and
- Co-operation across different levels of the local and regional administration geared at an optimum co-ordination of effort and a proper.

Country-wide training programme for self-government officials, employees and councilmen, focused on promotion of the management by objectives model.
Approximately 3000 persons will participate in the Training Programmes, concentrated on:
- Strategic management;
- Human resources management;
- Project management;
- Finance management;
- Public service management; and
- Sector management (education, environment protection, active employment and technical infrastructure).

      Local and regional public administration officers will be the direct beneficiaries of the component. They will improve their skills through the participation in the Institutional Development Programme or attendance of the training courses, delivered under the Training Programme. However, it will be the clients of their institutions who will benefit the most. Skilled personnel of the restructured offices will handle issues more swiftly and in a true professional fashion.

Implementation units
      The Project Team in the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration is responsible for delivery of tasks of the component. The Team will receive support of the team of consultants selected in a bidding process. The consultants, coming from the Market Economy Research Institute review the institutional development plans, drafted under the Project and propose amendment of legislation meant to remove obstacles to improvement of management quality within the local and regional administration. Two international consulting consortia have been contracted to deliver the tasks, identified for the Institutional Development and Labour Redeployment subcomponent.
Voivodship Project Implementation Units are responsible for enrolment of participants in the country-wide training programme, whereas the PCU monitors and co-ordinates all tasks within the component.